Why be a Cabin Crew?

Being a flight attendant is one of the most exciting career paths anyone could delve into; however, it is quite tasking and requires a defined set of skills. This is why going through top notch Cabin Crew trainings like those being offered at CTI cannot be overemphasized. Without the required delicate skills set, a prospective flight attendant will struggle to thrive in the very competitive and highly sought after career path. Registering with us today is an excellent way to start off!


Do I Have What It Takes To Fly?

This is the question that plays in the mind of every prospective flight attendant; and it is in fact, a valid one! Nobody wants to ever embark on a futile and wasteful endeavor. The requirements to hire flight attendant and other aviation staff differ from one airline to the other, and also from one country to the other. Crew Training Institute will enlighten you on how to be an outstanding recruit in the aviation industry. However, every airline will require applicants to have a certificate of training from a recognized Cabin Crew School like CTI as well as the following attributes:

  • A positive attitude, friendly nature and good communication ability
  • Ability to adapt to new environments and cultures
  • Flexibility, motivation and passion for the job
  • A good team player with pleasant manner
  • Must be confident and carry his/herself well If you already possess these qualities, hope to take courses to develop them and have the earnest desire to pursue your dream to fly; then waste no more time, register with CTI today.
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